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Market Report Oct, 2023- Bradenton, FL 34212

Market Report Bradenton, FL 34212

Bradenton, FL Oct. 2023 Properties Sold

Properties Sold for the Month of October 2023
726 GADWALL CT$479,300.00$474,300.00-2%310d
15811 5TH AVENUE ST E$505,990.00$505,990.000%1d
22226 E STATE ROAD 64$1,200,000.00$1,100,000.00-9%171d
14722 5TH TER NE$1,149,900.00$1,020,000.00-12%144d
430 WHISTLER GLN$779,900.00$770,000.00-2%156d
633 FOGGY MORN LN$550,000.00$520,000.00-6%161d
16617 5TH AVE E$939,000.00$914,740.00-3%95d
11331 AUTUMN LEAF WAY WAY$865,000.00$845,000.00-3%39d
15814 5TH AVE E$477,990.00$479,455.000%46d
15823 5TH AVE E$520,990.00$521,990.000%115d
15930 5TH AVE E$453,990.00$453,990.000%32d
15211 AGAVE GROVE PL$499,000.00$464,500.00-7%80d
9047 WILLOWBROOK CIR$705,000.00$690,000.00-3%73d
16503 1ST DR NE$1,750,000.00$1,700,000.00-3%41d
412 GRANDE VISTA BLVD$685,000.00$685,000.000%44d
1057 RIVER WIND CIR$879,000.00$867,500.00-2%38d
817 MARITIME CT$1,225,000.00$1,112,500.00-10%41d
8785 STONE HARBOUR LOOP$489,900.00$470,000.00-5%47d
14924 SORA WAY$469,500.00$460,000.00-3%24d
8326 SUMMER GREENS TER$390,000.00$382,500.00-2%26d
17108 4TH AVE E$765,000.00$725,000.00-6%47d
7144 CHATUM LIGHT RUN$374,900.00$375,000.000%19d
303 141ST CT NE$800,000.00$778,450.00-3%24d
14115 9TH TER NE$1,350,000.00$1,350,000.000%14d
16805 1ST AVE E$1,250,000.00$1,250,000.000%58d
1031 143RD ST NE$1,750,000.00$1,750,000.000%3d
404 166TH ST E$1,000,000.00$1,000,000.000%4d
12338 LAVENDER LOOP$670,000.00$650,000.00-3%24d
11402 3RD AVE E$479,997.00$480,000.000%7d
131 BABBLING BROOK RUN RUN$435,000.00$425,000.00-3%5d
10599 OLD GROVE CIR$549,000.00$540,000.00-2%19d
330 GRIS SKY LN$485,000.00$485,000.000%21d
821 HONEYFLOWER LOOP$835,000.00$820,000.00-2%19d
10446 OLD GROVE CIR$479,000.00$479,000.000%2d
9109 BROOKFIELD TER$799,000.00$799,000.000%5d
324 112TH ST E$529,900.00$523,500.00-2%11d
17210 WATERLINE RD$889,900.00$845,000.00-6%4d
140 BABBLING BROOK RUN$444,900.00$410,000.00-8%16d
10022 DEGAS TER$677,587.00$677,587.000%0d
15819 5TH AVE E$455,455.00$455,455.000%0d

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